Cheese Beats Open Labs Miko Interview

226 thoughts on “Cheese Beats Open Labs Miko Interview”

  1. man, this joint is sick! might as well have protools on it when you buy it for the price their selling it for.

    2gs for one anybody?

  2. come on!!! how come this is sick??? it’s just a regular pc and midi keyboard in one box. u can have the same setup for way less money. u can build quality studio for $40 Gs.

  3. This joint has over 35k sounds, and copies every keyboard used with it, plus a mixer, a burner, touch screen…i think its’ serious…have you even research it groovy?

  4. It looks sick, but I bet for every 10 dudes that cop this, there’s 30 that could smoke em with an MPC. Another thing…any videos of this joint in action? All the videos have people talking…I wanna hear it! Looks awesome.

  5. also, i can i look at porn on this without craning my neck over the display?! shit, even most mpc’s have tilt screens! if you buy this then the terrorists have won.

  6. Basically if you buy this, you don’t need another keyboard ever!

    Polo Tha Don, uses it also…seems to be offical.

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