J Mac vs. J Rell @ Chicago Red Bull Big Tune 2009

947 thoughts on “J Mac vs. J Rell @ Chicago Red Bull Big Tune 2009”

  1. Wish I could have seen this live… But the video is Sick! N2ition Productions did the damn thing on this one

  2. Beat battles are getting corny…How do you find a beat maker playing the air drums entertaining? That shit is just adding to the cheapness of music.

  3. Co sign Dee…
    I love making beats as much as the next guy but taking a song I made in my
    home studio and “playing” it on stage, dancing around, and playing air drums would be wack as hell. I respect the art of beat making but to take it on stage in this way is crap. Why not play it out live on an MPC? What would you think if a band came on stage without instruments and started to pretend to play instruments with prerecorded tracks playing? Wack right? So is this….

    • He is just playin the air drums cause hes a drummer and hes feelin his music. He has got some awesome beats and hes a goofy but hilarious guy. Give him credit for his beats cause it takes a lot to produce good stuff

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