Inside Boi-1da’s Home Studio & Publishing Issues

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    • I am still really confused about the fruity loops misconception, every plug-in works for it, you can load any sample, its drag and drop, and extremely user friendly. I understand pro tools is an industry standard but why is fruity loops the bottom feeder? Because of its stock sound collection? I wouldn’t use any music programs stock sounds, everyone and their mothers got them sounds. I am far from a professional however I am missing something.

  1. apparently so. thats all you really can make a beat off anything nowadays. he probally gets someone to put a good mix on it thought. cause trust me that shit ain’t coming from out of fruity loops to his laptop to his cd burner ‘then to radio stations everywhere just like that.

    • Yeah but everyone uses an engineer if its going to be done professionally it don’t matter if your using fruity loops or pro tools. Except for “Crank that” now that was taken right off the myspace page and played on the radio. No nothing just fruity loops and a mic and Sojah Boy or however the hell he spell it got a hit record. But even your dynasty producers just blaze and kanye west had young guru.

  2. it has been 3 years that my dude,nong plom has made his “falling in L” instrumental and become well known in myspace..this fool used the same sample as np’s for the “best i ever had” and basically copied the way the sample goes on the beat. whack shit

  3. I’ve heard some of the illest ryhmes get spit over a beatbox beat. And oh the days of being that dude who could pound the lunchtable, with them dope beats.

    Ableton Live. period

  4. Stop the the critique if you don’t know what you talking about. FL is a powerful tool. You can even record vocals on it and mix down and have it sound professional. But of course the industry makes you go though professional mastering even if you created in Dr. Dre’s studio. I use Abelton, Sonar, Protools, FL, Cubase. And i could make any one of them sound good. And yes a LapTop can do the job, Ask DJ Toomp..

  5. Me and my most effective friend was just having a conversation on this extremely subject and we decided to look it up and discovered your internet site. Extremely informative facts.

  6. Dope. Copped his drum kit too. Hit up my site for drum sounds/reviews. Posted Illmind’s Blap Kit review as well as M-Phazes, and a Dilla kit. But the Boi1da kit is dope.

    Diggin this dudes music!

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