Boi-1da Talks Producer Management, Drake, Detox


Producer Boi-1da talks with Hip-Hop Canada about his work with Drake, producer management, current music setup (FL Studio 9 + laptop), and submitting tracks for Dr. Dre’s Detox.

The manager generally gets 15% – they basically handle all the business, I handle all of the creative aspects.

I currently have no manager but I’m in talks with a very serious management company. I have Violator hollering at me, a bunch of people. Everybody wants to manage me; management is a touchy situation.

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927 thoughts on “Boi-1da Talks Producer Management, Drake, Detox”

    • A couple of the greatest producers in the world use FL 9 though.
      Its obviously 1 of the best things that can make beats.
      some people only know FL from all those wack starters that crack it for free.

  1. It’s good to see a fellow Canadian making moves across the border, alongside other dope beathsmiths like Frank Dukes, Moss, and Marco Polo.

    I think it’s important to also highlight the impact producers such as Saukrates, Classified, K-Os, and DJ Kemo, among others, have had in Canada. Although they might not have international recognition, they are highly respected up here, have influenced a generation of aspiring beatmakers, and continue to release dope records.

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