Illmind “Inside The Craft” w/ Rik Cordero

195 thoughts on “Illmind “Inside The Craft” w/ Rik Cordero”

  1. it sucks how just about every organization similar to this is only in NEW York. People need to expand this across other parts of the US not just NY.

  2. I’ve always had a dream about creating a curriculum in high school about music production and engineering. Coz I sure as hell didn’t know shit about all that until i was well within community college. I’m glad to see that it’s just now catching on; hope it spurs a lotta minds out there to create that good music.

  3. Yea this is my program, i was there that day but they didn’t catch me in the shots. I produce and Its cool a lot of us who dream of one day becoming a big producer look up to Ill. He’s humble and unbelievably talented.

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