Bombs Over Baghdad Beat Tape by KDCutz x Tryfe (Download)


Respect due to Seattle based producers KDcuts and Tryfe for teaming up and offering this collection of Bollywood inspired beats entitled Bombs Over Baghdad (B.O.B.).  Although each instrumental was individually created, the 13 track beat tape delivers a high powered, yet cohesive sound throughout the entire project.

Download: Bombs Over Baghdad (B.O.B) by KDCuts & Tryfe

Visit Tryfe and KDCutz for more info.

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965 thoughts on “Bombs Over Baghdad Beat Tape by KDCutz x Tryfe (Download)”

  1. Good point… the title and description aren’t exactly a perfect fit. However, I’m sure that the artists, who describe the project as being "inspired by our appreciation for Bollywood music", mean no disrespect to Iraqi or Indian listeners.

  2. Wow, amazing sounds. It’s very cool how you took probably poor sounding, skipping records to a boombap sound.
    Fits perfectly next to Madlib and Ohno’s records. (Indan Deli and that Turkish thing)

  3. I like this BeatTape
    there where also a couple of joints that i really didnt like though

    Overall its def a Dope BeatTape to me

  4. most beats i cant call hiphop,you guys should put up some doper producers on ya site,or cratekings just doesnt search for the right stuff or they got bad taste,just an opinion though ,dont get mad,but this beats are commercial as ….(although its sampled)

    • 2 things…

      1. Did you realized that all comments, including email and IP addresses, are logged and archived? This means that nobody is fooled when your name is changed to “freshbeatmaker”.

      2. We received the beattape that you emailed last week. A bit of advice… criticizing the taste and work ethic of a blog that you’re attempting to have your work featured on is not a great way to build a relationship.

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