Free Reason Soul School ReFill Offer From Propellerhead

Thanksgiving deal time is heating up and Propellerhead Software steps in to further sweeten the pot.  If you’ve been putting off the purchase of Reason, Record Reason Duo, Reason Academic or Record Reason Duo Student/Teacher, now may be the time to make a move.

New owners who purchase and register before the end of December 2009 will receive a free copy of the Reason Soul School ReFill, a $99 value.

Visit Propellerhead Software for more info.

5 thoughts on “Free Reason Soul School ReFill Offer From Propellerhead”

  1. When the Propellerhead Record commercial came out, I realized just how smart this company is, but I still can’t get into the idea of using pre-made loops Give me the refill patches all day, but the day I start handing off beats made by piecing together loops from a library created by some audio guru somewhere would somebody please shoot me? On the other end of that spectrum, I gotta say that the Abbey Road refills are off the meat rack – especially the Mellotron.

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