Follow Red Bull Big Tune Finalists on Twitter


Crate Kings wishes the best of luck to each producer competing in the Red Bull Big Tune National Finals that will take place tomorrow night in Chicago. With that much talent it’s anyone’s guess as to who will win. Support your fellow producers by following them on Twitter.

Note: Please leave a comment if you know the Twitter accounts for Nicademus and Big Pops.

15 thoughts on “Follow Red Bull Big Tune Finalists on Twitter”

  1. @ juiceboxjackson stop hating, fam. I’m in the finals year and the guys in there this year are some of the dopest producers I have ever heard in a long time. In fact, a lot of us actually already have situations and everything in the works. Most of us are achieving our dreams while youre on here hating on the net. S1, Just Blaze, DJ Premier, Jake One, Exile, Black Milk, etc. all heard our beat and love what they heard. Sure, some cats dance, big deal. Do some research on us at the very least. I guarantee that you will not regret it

    • Sorry, Cam. I was actually being extremely sarcastic with my comment…if you do any poking around on this website you’ll find that I’ve been defending you guys (almost on my own) since day one. Good luck tonight though…I admit, I’m a little hesitant to try and look you up since you were so quick to call me out without knowing where I was coming from but I think humility always wins in the long run and my pride isn’t that valuable to me!

      • No need to sweat it. Misunderstanding is pretty much a given on the net.

        It’s no secret that I’ve personally been ambivalent and sometimes very critical about the dancing. Regardless about anyone’s feeling about the performance aspect, the musical talent cannot be denied. Each of these guys deserve every bit of success that comes to them.

        • Thanks Semantik…obviously my pride was at least somewhat valuable to me since I even responded in the first place…I guess that’s why they say pride is the mother that births all sins 🙂

          • haha sry for comin at like that juicebox. I’m just so used to cats on the net hating on big tune producers. its so annoying and frustrating cuz I kno from chillin with them all for nearly a week, that all of those guys are incredible. I feel like they’re my brothers lol so I felt the need to stick up for them. But u weren’t serious so it’s all good. my bad for snapping like that. no hard feelings

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