Fat Beats Closes Physical Store Locations (LA & NY)


Unfortunately, the breaking news of the day is that all Fat Beats retail locations, which consist of NY and LA, have closed will close on September 4th and 18th respectively. Over the years Fat Beats has cultivated a reputation for being the center of the universe for hip-hop vinyl and in-store performances. While the store will continue to maintain an online existence, the physical locations will be sorely missed.

2,258 thoughts on “Fat Beats Closes Physical Store Locations (LA & NY)”

  1. That’s sad! Some peeps with mad dollars need to come with a way just to keep the physical stores open! When money is no object, it won’t matter! Someone needs to do it & do NOW! If I had the means, I would!

  2. oooh snap! first beatstreet now fat beats….r.i.p y’all….this whole thing is really goin in an ugly direction. fat beats!

  3. The age of MP3 is here. Downloading and devices like Serato and such took over. It was comming to this wheter we wanted it to or not. You can keep it open,but it wouldn`t make a difference. So many people go to Amazon.com instead of getting off thier asses and going to the local record store and buying physical copies cof music. Unless you dig or just buy vinyl, it doesn`t affect people. I feel bad for the new generation of dj`s and producers. Fat Beats was like Disneyland for me. To go and buy the best hip hop new and old on vinyl at a place like that was dope for me to experience. It`s a sad day to know it won`t be around anymore.

    • it’s all the new kids runnin around with their laptops and serato calling themselves “djs.” just because they can do a club with all their HS/college friends, they’re looked upon like “wow… so and so is a DJ.”

      learn to dig… i respect the digital stuff if you’re EXCLUSIVELY playing your own BEATS!

  4. Sucks, hip hop died when Big Pun died. Lil Wayne and that type of garbage music don’t need vinyl, and that’s what hip hop is now.

  5. I acutally went to fat beats alot when i was livin out in la, it’s sad to see it go….. I used to love that place… I remember one day i was over there lookin around listenin to records and rhettmatic started going through some 45s with me and was tellin me which breaks and grooves certain ones had on em…. they always kept some good 45’s there… its on melrose ave.

  6. such a bad thing for music and the culture of vinyl . the year of torq\serato is now on . i hope that the excuse is just the economic crisis :>

  7. Blame it on the ungodly rise of R&B ( rap and bullshit ) or the present worldwide economic downturn were all trying deal or even that evil three headed monster known as technology who let a lot of wack kids in the music game .
    Yes fatbeats is closed but all isn’t lost cause Fatbeats is still doin bizness online.

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