ElectroKraft NES Super Synth Sounds Drum Machine

2,027 thoughts on “ElectroKraft NES Super Synth Sounds Drum Machine”

  1. Man, you’re killing me. I just picked up a Casio RZ-1, VL-1, an Oberheim DX, and have a strange desire to own a Drumulator — you’re just pushing me to plop down for an NES, this cart, and a new mixer to accompany all my cheese equipment.

  2. I know the feeling… While I’ve been sitting on this post for a while waiting for their site to come back up, had to talk myself out of copping an NES clone!

  3. The casio rz-1! Nice. Have you tried the sk-1? Now there’s some “cheese”, the good kind. The kind you might enjoy with a fine wine.

    I’m hoping to make some more carts. This cart was a lot of fun to make.

    Thanks guys,

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