Elaquent – In Colour Vol. 3 Beat Tape (Download)


Elaquent is definitely an up and coming producer that needs to be heard.  Here Elaquent presents us with his latest collection of 18 original tracks and instrumentals, which are primed and ready for extensive headphone activity.

"This is just a quick lil tape of some new and moderately old joints.  I don’t really even consider it an "album"… it’s a tape.  Now the concept is quite simple… when I listen to music, I see colours, depending on the vibe and feel of the song."

Download: In Colour Vol. 3 by Elaquent

Visit Elaquent on MySpace to hear more of his work.

1,382 thoughts on “Elaquent – In Colour Vol. 3 Beat Tape (Download)”

  1. you can hear the Dilla-influence all over the Tape which is not a bad thing.
    But really some of the unusual Drum-Patterns dont feel right at all, kinda ruins it to me.
    Using shuffle notes in ya drumpattern does not always sound good at every spot in the pattern.
    I feel like he took that “Off-Beat” hype a little too far.

    But the Sampling, Sound-design, everything else is actually fuckin amazing! and he’s an amazing producer

  2. thanks for downloading the tape, appreciate that for reals…

    now im not going to front and act like im not inspired by Jay Dee….having sed that, i think “dilla clone” is a little much…im a big fan of that off kilter/flying lotus typa feel, in which case, i do understand not everyone can get into it, and thats cool. thanks for being honest….i just dont like my shit sounding too wooden.

    one love,

  3. this is dope. the only dilla-ish stuff to me is the “turn it up!” drops. the beats are sick. probably gonna throw this up on my site as well. great work.

  4. Its just that some of those drumpatterns dont sound right/unrhythmatic to me.
    i know about the Off-Beat thing but Off-Beat isnt the same as unrhythmatic.
    Overall its actually fuckin amazing!
    even know im criticising on the rhythms, those Beats are fuckin amazingly produced.
    Some of the best Beats i ever heard!

    Some of these Beats can compare to Dilla

    Whats wrong with being influenced? a musical-idea always comes from having heard other music.
    that Off-Beat sound might be typically Dilla.
    But the regular non off-beat sound is typically Premo and so many others!.
    So those producers would all be clones from each other as well. feel me?

  5. Word I agree. He is still talented. Some of that off beat shit maybe was a little bit to far. However in his defense, alot of cats are on that right now and I think its just a new stylistic thing of choice. I think some of it is cool and some of it is much but hey……. What we cant deny is that Elaquent doesnt put effort in his music. I am anxious to hear what his next project sounds like. I wouldn’t mind building with cat to see where his head is at.


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