Dr. Dre: The Future of Hip-Hop (10+ Years Later…)

2,109 thoughts on “Dr. Dre: The Future of Hip-Hop (10+ Years Later…)”

  1. Why is he breathing like he’s Darth Vador?

    Good thing he found Eminem or this man would still be wearing that same Karl Kani mock turtle neck.

    • Righteous Zone has a point. What if Dre never found Eminem? There’s hasn’t been a new artist from Aftermath that has released. 50 Cent wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Eminem. Anyway he still one of the greatest producers of all time to me.

  2. Dre would still be here regardless of Eminem. Talent is talent, period. Sure, he might not have been enjoying a lifetime of crazy royalties as is the case today, but let’s not forget that Dre is the most influential producer in hip-hop. And The Chronic and Doggystyle dropped when Eminem was still scraping for change for the bus.

    • Fat ass WORD!!
      Cant understand these guys that say without eminem he would be nothing..
      Like John said, talent is talent!
      Doggystyle, NWA,The Chronic..and so on.
      But even if a dude conquers the world, there will always be some soure grapes that be sayin;well if he dindt have this or that he wouldnt be..
      If I were a sour grape, I would turn it around and say Eminem wouldnt be so well known without dre..

      like my man Cartman once said…”How can I reach these kieds…”

  3. Dr Dre the best producer of our generation. Him and NWA were pioneers to gangsta rap and G-Funk. i mean a whole music sub-genre? thats legendary. if it werent for his beats on NWA shit there would have been no 2Pac, biggie 50 cent jadakiss etc. He made The Chronic, Doggystyle 2001 , Straight outta compton, all of Eminem LPs, birth superstars like EMinem 50 Cent and The Game. The man walking empire. While i agree his beats have not been up on par with some shit back in the day who knows wtf is going on in ENcore Studios? i mean he may be giving all these artists his throwaway beats. and keeping the craziest shit for Detox.

  4. “If I were a sour grape, I would turn it around and say Eminem wouldnt be so well known without dre..”

    So true there bro. u got a point..

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