DJ T-Pain’s Asher Roth Scratching Session

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  1. skilled with auto-tune? are you kidding me? you set a couple settings and it does it for you, what skill is involved?

    i’ve never understood the way people make excuses for shit. you even said if anyone else did it you wouldn’t care, but because some popular hack that only knows how to abuse auto-tune obnoxiously does it and that someone makes it impressive?

  2. “Still, it’s refreshing to find out that T-Pain is not only skilled with Auto-Tune, but is also competent on the 1’s and 2’s.”

    …what an incredibly ignorant statement. you’d be surprised to know he also produced (yes, made the beats) for his entire first 2 albums. u aint gotta like the music, but give respect where respect is due. this is a producer’s blog..start checkin the credits homey.

  3. @keith
    It sounds as if you may have misinterpreted or misread what was written. The statement does not imply that T-Pain is only skilled in the use of auto-tune, but rather that in addition to auto-tune, he is also competent on the 1’s and 2’s. Nowhere were his skills as a producer diminished or called into question.

    In fact, T-Pain has often been highlighted on this site in videos and interviews involving discussion about production, in particular his use of Logic Pro.

  4. You mother fuckers need to stop co-signing with these fake ass “DJs” (and I use the term loosely) Just because you have a computer full of music doesn’t qualify you to call yourself a DJ. I’m sick of these “celebrities” hopping on the bandwagon and saying that they’re DJs. Where were they when we had to spend all day in a record store searching for that perfect joint the very few other DJs had? Where were they when being a DJ wasn’t the “cool thing”? Where were they when we had to carry 5+ crates of records to every gig? They put in NO work but wanna reap all the rewards. They charge ridiculous amounts of money for their “DJ performances” when they have the skill level of a 6 month rookie. Club Owners/Club Managers/Promoters and Dick Riding DJs that think sucking up to these fakes will help them get ahead in their career should all be ashamed of themselves.

    This (along with bottle service) is one of the main reason why most nightclubs suck nowadays. It’s not about the quality anymore and it’s a fuckin shame.

    Sorry for the profanity, but I live and die for this shit and I hate to see it going downhill like this

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