DJ Scratch Using Baby Decks DJ iPad App

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  1. what’s the name of the actual app?

    and didn’t the music (and scratches) sound like a pre-recorded loop? it was scratching when he wasn’t even touching it.

    • I agree, it seems fun but overall this is not a good look for DJs when the art has already been dumbed down too much! how much easier does learning hip hop need to be? this makes way for MORE push button bed room producers DJs and rappers to run game on us all with all this software! how much more needs to be given away without working for it? makes it seem like our vets greats and legends got “lucky” when you can learn everything without giving a shit about anything…

      I know I know somehow Im “hating” according to the internet world and all its fucked up glory…
      moving along…

  2. Prominently placed bottle of Smirnoff
    Holy Product placement Semantik!!! SMH. Well what do expect these days? Hiphop is no longer a sub culture of ghetto misfits anymore. Much coin is made through cross brand marketing. Smirnoff is the major corporate backer of the DJ competition show Scratch won 250k on, plus it aired on EBT; *ahem* I mean, BET right? Read between the lines folks. Niggas love to drank!

    DJ Scratch without question needs no reality check in my book but overall I feel dj’s haven’t sold out nearly as much as mc’s. Reason behind my statement is simply many dj’s do not or have not had equal exposure as their rapping counterparts. This app is for TOYS but you knew that!

    • What’s EBT? haha

      No matter what these types of apps are the future. This version may not be the shit yet but that’s where we’re headed. Resistance is futile.

      Master of the Mix, hosted by Just Blaze, was the show for those that don’t know. And Alex, homegirl who mixed the drinks, was/is STOOOPID fly.

      • What’s EBT? haha
        ==================================================@ woowee

        I guess you aint from the hood huh? lol! If, not it’s all good…
        EBT card’s basically replaced that rainbow money (food stamps) when the 1st and 15th rolled around. BET’s programing imo is about as credible as a wet food stamp tho. I’ve personally banned BET from my tv because it’s wack as fuck but calls itself”Black Entertainment Telivision”.

        I would’ve watched the show however to see DJ Revolution and Scratch. I got/had a gang of Wakeup Show tapes.

  3. Thats just garbage!

    This is for all these people who think:
    “One week ago I bought DJ Hero. So now I am a pretty good DJ. I can push the buttons faster as my retarded cousin steve. but you know if you want to stay on a certain level you got to buy this app.”

  4. Once again here is another prime example of technology gone wrong compliments of Smirnoff vodka. . . . it’s so sad I cant help but to laugh.
    ha ha ha ha

  5. The reality is that technology changes things so you either get with it or vet gone. You can be the last samurai if you want to… And get mowed down by some busta with Uzi… Gallon bout long live the sword! Technology will fuck you up if your hard headed!

  6. Just see it for what it is..a cool gadget. Off course it’s not a replacement for a real turntableset.Why the he should heb be embarrased for playing with a gadget..?
    Seems to me that people like to critique just to critique.
    But Semantik is right though, about the smirnoff bottle and the cliché LV case..but oh well, who cares.

  7. Yo I got the free iPhone version (baby scratch) and I can body the cuts on Nowhere close to turntables, but you’d be surprised what you can actually do with it. I might have to make a video for it..Ha! But I agree, this wasnt a good look for the legendary Dj/producer. I stopped watching that show as soon as Dj revolution was voted off.

  8. Um, yeah…so he looks like he was having a pretty good time…like a normal person would with a new app on their iPad…sooooooo, I guess because he’s Dj Scratch he’s now allowed to do that on camera???? Perhaps like some of you all do on a regular basis without a camera???…I dunno guys…I think a few of you all just wasted around 15 posts grumbling about…oh, I dunno…a normal guy playing with an iPad app on camera!!! Lol. Boy these comments make for a good laugh. Keep them coming! Shouts out to Dj Scratch for ENJOYING HIS iPAD APP! You deserve too just as much as the mooks who say your status is too great for such “frugal fun.” smh

    • I think people are referring to the fact that he is essentially endorsing the product along with liquor & Luis Vuitton. Not saying it’s right or wrong – anyone is free to get their money however, but I can see why people would have issues when they work hard to perfect their craft & then see it being portrayed in a dumbed down way (this goes for the actual app as well or things like DJ Hero, etc., not just this video).

      That being said, I would mess with it “off camera” if I thought it was cool or fun, but I personally don’t enjoy it much. To each their own.

      Also, just to take it to another level & get all philosophical – what if people spent less time on toys that simulate instruments & more time with actual instruments? Guitar Hero competitions are cool, but so was Led Zeppelin.

  9. I must be the only one, but I thought the app looked pretty cool.
    Not sure how good it really is, but it looks fun. Never really wanted
    an iPad, but the amount of music related stuff coming out makes
    it more appealing.

  10. don’t get me wrong… the app looks like a brilliant idea…

    i DJ vinyl only when i’m out and PRODUCE original music. i don’t have serato, so this looks like it can be a GREAT tool for when you wanna bust out ALL of original beats without having to spend $$$$$ on cutting dubplates and not wanting to carry a computer, serato box, etc., etc.

    i just wanna know if the app can pitch/speed control like a 1200 somewhat.

  11. Hey dudes,

    I wanted to post up here because i wanted to let you know he’s not endorsing the app. I’m 1/3 of the team that made it and i had no idea about this video until i stumbled upon it the other day. I wasn’t too happy about the wrong advertisement at the end either. I’m happy to see he’s enjoying it though.
    I understand a lot of people on here don’t like DJ apps and thats fine. Each to their own. We design these apps for fun and for people to hopefully discover scratching who may not of previously known about it. I’m a DJ/Producer myself and i DJ all vinyl when i spin at clubs, but when i play my original music live, i use Serato. I think whatever works for you is what you roll with. As long as you understand and acknowledge where the artform comes from.

  12. wow smh to the idiots hating in their comments, its just a goddamn dj app on ipad. dj scratch is not a “push play” dj. he’s a LIVING LEGEND IN HIP-HOP and crowned the GREATEST DJ OF ALL TIME. all ur favorite djs are inspired by dj scratch. now google that…dickheads smh.

    btw the smirnoff is his own prize bottle labeled in his name and face on it for winning “master of the mix”, along wit a cash prize.

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