DJ Premier vs Pete Rock Round 1 (Full Footage)

7 thoughts on “DJ Premier vs Pete Rock Round 1 (Full Footage)”

  1. A beautiful, beautiful set! I felt like I was there! I enjoyed the whole two plus hours! A very nice throwback to how the soul music influenced hip hop from then up to now! REAL hip hop lives forever! R.I.P. to ALL OUR FALLEN SOUL & HIP HOP BROTHERS & SISTERS!!! We have lost quite a few major players in the last few years. People who have set the trend to pave the hip hop way & people who have lived hip hop & kept the movement going!!! There are too many to mention, so rather than miss anyone, I’ll say R.I.P. to you all!! We know who you are & you’ll be surly missed!!! One thing I can say though, you all will live on through our music!!

  2. Good stuff, never heard Pete’s shouting voice before haha, also noticed from this vid along with others that Premo uses patterned serato vinyl which I would have thought would make it harder to see the position of the record at a glance… obviously not!!

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