DJ Ian Head – Dolla Or Less Mix (Download)


What’s another month without a great mix from DJ Ian Head?  More great original breaks and samples mixed to perfection… download now and start the new year on the right note!

"Dollar bins are haystacks that we know can always contain diamonds and pearls, and are truly the essence of "digging." But it takes effort. It takes looking at a lot of really wack, boring, painful records. It takes bending in awful positions, sitting on floors, blocking the way of other customers, your feet falling asleep. It makes your fingers dirty. And on a bad day, one can spend hours flipping through the cheap stacks and discover nothing. But on those days, buried between two copies of the Annie soundtrack and the Fleetwood Mac catalogue, you come across the one record you’d been after for a year, there is nothing like it."

Download: DJ Ian Head January 2009 and visit at Everyday Beats

190 thoughts on “DJ Ian Head – Dolla Or Less Mix (Download)”

  1. you hit that discription of what one goes through when digging RIGHT on the head. The dollar bins are always more fun to go through because you can take chances with stuff and it’s only a dollar. Another thing that’s cool is finding a particular album in the dollar bin that they have else where in the store for higher -I like that because I feel I’m getting over on the record store.

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