Dealing Records Outta The Car Trunk!

5 thoughts on “Dealing Records Outta The Car Trunk!”

  1. I find the talk about Dealing Records Outta The Car Trunk! all a bit meaningless. Governments and central banks round the world have done everything they can to prop up failed financial institutions, and lending that was imprudent from the start. We will not have a proper sustainable recovery without an end to deficit spending and lots of lending institutions going bust. I find discussion about personal finance and home loans a bit meaningless. I also think the home prices have to reduce a lot even now. I mean why would you want to own a home in Spain or France? Isn’t it much cheaper to rent? Regards, Ernie Hauke

  2. Yes Ernie you are correct, however bashing other peoples hobbies in interest in order to sound like an activist on the internet is a terrible approach to get people to join your cause. Perhaps you my friend, you too should find some joy in Crate Digging.

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