D-Dot On Founding The Hitmen, Bad Boy, And Ghost Production

Legendary Bad Boy producer Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie aka The Madd Rapper stopped by the Round Table to talk about Styles’ absence from "All About The Benjamins", meeting P Diddy at Howard University, getting involved with production, discovering Kanye West, ghost production, and whole lot more. 

The interview is in 4 Parts so grab a seat and get comfortable…. more after the jump!

519 thoughts on “D-Dot On Founding The Hitmen, Bad Boy, And Ghost Production”

  1. Hot interview! D-Dot is one of the best to ever do it. That chick is annoying though. Anyone else notice she called “Blaze” magazine Just Blaze magazine??

  2. dope ass interview. I love Maya the B. she is seriously a smart ass chick. Lenny S is a vet and a highly respected dude in the game. Lite came in with his backspins which was cool. deric really went in. questions and asnwers were great. LOL@maya trying to rap it up in the end

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