Cook Classics On Samples, Production, “Street Life” Track Construction

Producer Cook Classics talks sample selection, chopping, and arrangement while taking us through the construction of the instrumental for "Street Life" f/ Sean Price, Sha Stimuli, and Cymarshall Law.  Pro Tools, Roland MV, and Roland Juno are all demonstrated in the recreation of the track.

Notable Quote:
"That’s really what it is in the end.  If you’re not enjoying it or enjoying what you’re making, you’re not going to be making good music anyway.  As long as you’re enjoying it, just do whatever you feel like doing."

665 thoughts on “Cook Classics On Samples, Production, “Street Life” Track Construction”

  1. btw where did he get the wah effect from? coz it doesn’t sound like it’s from the original sample. Is it a stock sound in the roland?

  2. white boy got soul! i can dig it .keep doin your thing. i don’t know how he flipped that sample the way he did. thats was not an easy sample to chop but he made it sound hot. i thought it was pacman lol that same sample little flip chopped on the game over cd. i was wrong.

  3. tha wah is a effect that standard with all software I think…

    But dude has my formula, but is missing a couple of things…

    nice video…

  4. Damn hommie glad you dropped this video I was actually thinking of selling my MV-8000 too, nada now if you take time to learn that joint and spend some time on it it’s limitless.

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