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Beaterator PSP Game Announced By Rockstar And Timbaland

Take-Two/Rockstar Games has announced a collaborative effort with producer Timbaland to release a PSP version of Beaterator.  No release date has been revealed, however, a few details such as custom sounds, music mixer, and challenges have been noted. “Built from the foundation of Rockstar’s widely-acclaimed original web version of Beaterator, Beaterator for PSP system is … Read more

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ – Video Game w/ Numark Controller

I guess that I’m obliged to report this… lately I’ve been trying to avoid news items that bastardize an important art form, but producer QD3 and Numark wouldn’t have it any other other way.  Thanks to Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, armed with a Numark controller and PS3 or XBox 360, legions of living room DJ’s … Read more

Crackin’ DJ 2 – Turntablist Video Game

I just ran across old footage of Crackin’ DJ 2, which was an arcade game manufactured and released by Sega back in 2001.  With all the talk of the upcoming DJ Hero game, it’s interesting to see what publishers were doing with the genre nearly a decade ago.

More video and flyers after the jump.

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