Swizz Beatz SESAC Interview Series

In an interview for SESAC, Swizz Beatz breaks down the difference between a producer and a beatmaker.  He specifically goes into the importance of having a game plan, setting the tone for a session, and playing psychologist.  In the second segment, he goes into the creative process behind making hits and where he finds inspiration … Read more

Prince Paul Interview: Paying Dues And Handling Business

Something about a warm weekend just brings out the oldschool in me, which in this case prompted a revisit of Prince Paul’s Pyschoanalysis and the subsequent hunt for Prince Paul interviews.  This time around Modern Fix hits us off with an interview of Paul the mad genius as he talks about paying dues with Stetsasonic, … Read more

Business Card Digging

Yup it’s all about the simple pleasures in life. There’s nothing like a new batch of business cards to spark the creative juices and give a little extra boost of ambition. New biz cards always force you to go out and network so you’re not stuck with a box of 500 miniature bookmarks gathering dust … Read more

Could Diddy & Bad Boy Save Sampling? – Slate Magazine

Attorney  Anthony Falzone, Executive Director, Fair Use Project, discusses the recent ruling against Bad Boy Records for the unauthorized sampling of the Ohio Players’ “Singing in the Morning" in The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ready To Die”.  His article “Diddy Could Save Sampling” presents a refreshing legal argument for the practice of sampling along with an interesting … Read more

Wu-Tang’s False Claims About First Legally Cleared Beatles Sample

Big Shout to RTC Shogun for giving us the scoop… The previous claim by Wu-Tang that the upcoming 8 Diagrams album will feature the first legally cleared Beatle sample was incorrect. According to Randall Wixen, of Wixen Publishing which handles publishing for the Harrison estate, “In this case, the Beatles’ master sample is not being … Read more

The Death of The Music Business???

I ran accross a couple of really good articles about the future of the music biz and the extinction of the CD.  Both offer an interesting perspective on what should be taking place within the industry to ensure its viability When The CD Dies Why Today’s Record Labels Are Failing