Hip-Hop Demographics Reexamined

Respect to Audible Hype for dropping the "No Bullshit Guide To Hip Hop Demographics", which discusses the often murky demographic statistics surrounding the economy of Hip-Hop.  Some very good points are brought up regarding conflicting information, underackngowledged foreign markets, and marketing propaganda perpetuated by Top 40 radio stations.  It also provides some great starting resources … Read more

Sha Money XL & Consequence – The Art of The Deal

In the latest episode of Consequence’s ongoing web series Real Men DON’T Cry!!! Sha Money XL breaks down the history of G-Unit’s business deals beginning with RBK and clothing deals.  He then goes on to discuss the death of major labels, interacting directly with consumers, and the One Stop Shop Producer’s Conference. [via ItsTheCons] by … Read more

CPA Gives Biz Advice For Producers & Musicians

Certified Public Accountant Alan Friedman gives valuable advice on the tax and legal implications of being a self-employed producer/musician.  He covers info relating to the advantages of various business structures, basics for setting up an LLC, trademarks, and banking practices.  We all know that now is always the best time to get your business in … Read more

Intua “Beatmaker” iPhone Sampler/Sequencer Application

Get ready for an onslaught of iPhone music devices now that Apple has opened up software development.  Chances are we can look forward to many more iPhone music apps in the near future. "Beatmaker" by Intua is another one of those grown man toys that sample crazy technophiles won’t be able to resist. Features include: … Read more

Chucky Thompson: Producing For Nas Is A Headache?

Think Talk hits us off with a thorough in studio interview/Q&A session with producers Chucky Thompson (Hitmen/BadBoy) & Salaam Remi (Toni Braxton, Nas)  as they discuss their first professional work, hustling beats, business matters, and the importance of relationships. At one point Chucky Thompson let’s it slip that working with Nas requires "a lot of … Read more