Official Wax Poetics #30 Rock Issue Covers (Elvis + Bad Brains)


Here are the official front & back covers for Wax Poetics # 30… The Rock Issue is Wax Po’s first volume dedicated entirely to Rock Music!

"…Bad Brains show how a positive attitude and a disregard for boundaries could change societal notions of what a punk rock band could be. Ernie Isley discusses the Isley Brothers’ familial fame and his own influences, ranging from blind guitarist Jose Feliciano to legend and former roommate, Jimi Hendrix. Fats Domino songwriter Dave Bartholomew, Filmmaker Don Letts, and even Elvis Presley get the Wax Poetics treatment…"

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Comprehensive Sampling Dictionary Compiled By Model Art Tokyo

No more complaints from slackers in the back row, you’re sample homework has already been done for you!  For the more studious (or lazy depending on your point view) producer types, Freddy Fresh Model Art Tokyo delivers the 2008 installment of the Sampling & Re:Sampling Dictionaries.  With over 250 pages, the Sampling Dictionary features listings … Read more

Sound Unbound – DJ Spooky, Chuck D, Saul Williams

Sampling producers and DJ’s may want to check out the latest offering from MIT Press entitled Sound Unbound: Sampling Digital Music and Culture.  The book examines remix culture and remaking of derivative works through a collection of essays from such notable artists like Chuck D, DJ Spooky, Saul Williams, and more.  The book also comes … Read more

Books That Every Music Producer Should Read

In preparation for an upcoming post, I’m looking to gather some info from both established and aspiring produces about what books have been the most helpful with learning equipment, sound theory, production, and the music business.  Will be great to see what everyone has been stuffing their brains with.  So please, let me hear your … Read more

Grandmaster Flash Publishing New Book, Reveals Troubles

Grandmaster Flash talks about his upcoming book "The Adventures of Grandmaster flash: My Life, My Beats", hard lessons learned from the record business, cocaine addiction, and returning to DJ’ing.  With a release day of June 10th, 2008, it looks to be damn entertaining read.  Check the video for a preview of what will be revealed.