Buckwild On Music Appreciation, Vinyl Collection

Raven of Brooklyn Bodega interviews Buckwild of D.I.T.C. to discuss his history of starting as a DJ, working with Lord Finess, then moving on to becoming a producer. During the interview Buckwild highlights his deep vinyl collection (20,000 to 30,000 records), the various types of producers and styles, and the common thread of music appreciation among great producers.

You gotta have an appreciation for music. If you have no appreciation for music, I don’t think you can really be a good hip-hop producer.

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  1. Buckwild, the man who gave some monster hits to Bad Boy in their heyday, as well as DITC and their associated acts. He is one of the few producers I’d want to interview, just to get some more B.I.G. stories like the ones noted in XXL and Scratch. Also to be a fly on the wall while he does his magic would be the best.

    BB$. Work. Play.

  2. I think people that look down on artists who sample music need to realize that we do have a deep love and respect for the music. I know I am preaching to the choir on this one, but I would love to see someone who just plays guitar and listens to only rock music, take an mpc 60 and make an album like “Entroducing”.

    Trust me, there is nothing wrong with playing guitar and listening to rock music, but when they scoff at those of us who create sonic collages, I can’t relate at all.

    /end rant


    • I completely agree, by listening to the past and sampling you gain a much, much greater and broader knowledge of music than if you confine yourself to just one style or era… I know a lot of people nowadays would disagree, but listen to shit thats considered ‘hot’ nowadays and tell me that…

  3. Sampling is an art! It’s not actually stealing music. If an artist’s previous works are sampled, they should see it as a form of respect & homage to THEIR ORIGINAL WORKS! Whatever piece that was sampled got sampled because of something that touched the person who used a snippet of the original in their OWN work! People never think of it in that way! If we didn’t like your work, it would never get sampled! Great post!

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