Boi1da On Musicianship, Quitting Day Jobs, FL Studio

13 thoughts on “Boi1da On Musicianship, Quitting Day Jobs, FL Studio”

  1. MAMMA’S BOY ! I wish I could quit working and chisel off somebody ealse . Silver spoon ass nigga, slow talking punk. How is your first artist wack when you produced it .Why u wont reach out to him now ? I believe fruity loops is easy but I also believe you spent alot of money in mastering .Tell the truth nigga !

  2. hahaaahaaa niggas with no grind lmao how many producers quit there day job or didn’t have a day job ? kanye west ,pete rock ,neptunes ,timbo ,9th wonder even though he grad from school it’s called not being a slave and following your dreams im not big on boi 1da but if you settle for less and take no chances then your not going to get shit just telling the truth

  3. *Dead* @ ULTIMATE HATER. LMAO!! The Inernets gives everybody a voice for they opinion. No shots toward this man because he is living a dream the majority of us would trade for. It’s easy to just shit on a cat cuz they at a place where most aint but the reality is things just happens when it’s supposed too. The industry clings to whoever has the latest hit (insert name here) so you gotta get it while the gettin is good when your name is hot cuz when it it’s over it’s a wrap!

  4. @ McGirt Boi wankster is a cornball ! His beats might be alright but he is a nerd. Drake is a nerd too. Drake sounds like a little kid when he raps but the young bucks swear he’s the new jay-z , he is nothing like jay-z . Jigga is the real deal . A cat who came from nothing , then slang some shit , then he dropped 100k on a single and made over 100 million spittin flows since then . Is that not what you respect ? What you idolize ? You don’t respect 2 geeks who had to work at mcdonalds dropping french fries in hot grease and making quarter pounders then went home after work and made beats with fruity loops lol Drake says he is happy to get out of his momma basement . WOW ! He really struggled ILMAO !!

    • Rap fans are the most ignorant people in the fucking world. Who ever said only crack dealers and thugs can make good music? Drake is a good rapper, stop being fucking sad about it. Your boy Jay-Z cosigned him anyway (“Drake’s up next, let’s see what he do with it”).

      Back on topic, this was a cool video.

  5. i’m kinda late but fuck it LOL

    i took the labor and listened to the tracks he had made beats for, they’re less than spectacular, nothing remotely original that’s for sure
    now dude says he’s been working with Dre on Detox, and had i watched this vid in time, by that i could make a guess as to what Detox would be sounding like, if Dre works with beatmakers of this boy ‘magnitude’
    though Detox hasn’t yet been released, judging by the tracks that are out, i find my guess being not very far from the truth, which is a pretty bland record, poppish all the way, falling awfully short of his previous works

    damn, the album didn’t drop yet, but there’s already a dedicated article in Wikipedia LMAO

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