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RoddyRodd x J-Live Digging In South Africa

RoddyRod, J-Live, Marco Polo, Tru Master go digging during a trip to Joburg, South Africa. Reader Poll: How deep in debt would you be after shopping in a quality vinyl spot with 6 floors?

Eric Sermon Making A Beat w/ Yamaha Motif ES8

The Funk Lord Eric Sermon heads to DJ Desue’s studio in Berlin and makes a beat from scratch using a Yamaha Motif ES8. What I do is I take a sample from somewhere or some type of sample sound and make it sound gritty. So **** think it could be a loop or could be … Read more

DJ Revolution Interviews DJ Premier

No promotion of projects in this interview, just serious conversation. DJ’s Premier and Revolution sit together in Headqcourterz studios to talk about the history of D&D, the story of moving into his current studio room, and the origin of the of the studio’s name.

Hec Dolo Behind The Beats: Records, Beats, Software

D.C. area producer Hec Dolo shows off his intense record collection while talking of his transition from an MC to a producer and his musical influences. He also talks about how essential a portable record player is when digging, his process of working with a beat, and when he prefers to work with Logic vs … Read more

Diamond D Live @ Shadow Lounge + Digging Stories

33 1/3 Media serves up a night of vinyl breaks and samples with D.I.T.C. producer/DJ Diamond. Unfortunately I’m told that one of the SD cards was corrupted and a ton of the footage was lost. Still, it’s great to hear digging stories and see Diamond in action.

Pgh Record Convention (Pittsburgh)

Get ready to get your fingers dusty. Pittsburgh’s newest record show has arrived. The Pgh Record Convention will have its inaugural event on Saturday October 8th, 2011. For true record junkies, the Pittsburgh Record Fest is also taking place the same night. There are no excuses for leaving without a pile of wax. Pgh Record … Read more

Young Guru Talks Bad Boy, Jay-Z, Battling Just Blaze

The Hip-Hop Chronicle interviews engineer Young Guru as he discusses working with Bad Boy and his connection with D-Dot, Chucky Thompson, and Tracy Lee. Young Guru also touches on his his start DJ’ing for Nonchalont to moving to New York and becoming D-Dot’s engineer, which finally lead to working with numerous other artists.

King of The Beats – The Movie Part 1

It’s be a while since the last installment of King of The Beats. Director Pritt Kalsi delivers his first full HD film covering the creation of KOTB. From the opening credits and the familiar two-fisted record crate crawl to the conversations with dedicated record diggers talking about drum breaks and the reworking old creations into … Read more