DJ Premier x DJ Revolution Talk DAT, Guru: Pt 2

6 thoughts on “DJ Premier x DJ Revolution Talk DAT, Guru: Pt 2”

  1. I love this vid! It’s crazy how I have some things in common with Premo! I like ice cream like that too! I’ll take a big azz bowl of chocolate ice cream & flood it with that Hershey’s chocolate syrup until you can’t see the ice cream! Crazy! Keep banging those beats out!

  2. sounds like he’s trashing guru a little bit to me honestly. when i die I hope premo is not doing my interviews ,way too much information , just say he was a cool cat and a great mc and i think we all would be happy with that. wu tang clan didn’t throw ol dirty under the bus when he checked out unexpectedly and he was insaine but i love the wu and ol dirty ! what premo said and how i seen guru on tv growing up are a little different i couldnt listen to all of it because it kinda pissed me off , or maybe im defending someone i looked at as one of the best that ever did it and he was . RIP GURU !

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