Black Milk x Elzhi On Samples + Detroit Music History

513 thoughts on “Black Milk x Elzhi On Samples + Detroit Music History”

  1. Yeah nice, but I thought that Milk came over a bit arrogant. elzhi on the other hand was mad funny!

  2. Was it me or did Black Milk just son himself by acting like he knew of the Funk Brothers by reading album liner notes (there weren’t any) and then by saying the Mizell Brothers were a part of the Funk Brothers???(they were not)

    Stay in school, kids…And I like dudes beats, FTR….

  3. I like your part 2 “Channel Zero” with Black Milk and Elzhi! Just a few days before Black Milk’s dope show at the splash!-Festival in 2009 we were able to catch him with Slum Village’s Elzhi and pull both in front of the tube. You guys are really good.

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