Black Milk Interview + Videos + Tronic Footage

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  1. Yo Ruffin…what you gotta do is make your own kits! That’s what all the real cats do. Go get your fingers dusty, and sample some breaks and hits off of vinyl as loud as you can get em without clipping, then you will be in business.
    Man, Black Milk…what can I say? I slept on this cat for too long. He’s keeping real shit alive.

  2. I must admit…when I 1st heard of Black Milk, heard his early stuff…I had one eye open. Was a bit skeptical. Esp since I was heavily listening to music coming out of D – bc I thought he had no originality/signature sound from majority of all the other D hip hop that I was listening to. But now…I’m really liking him, change of heart. I can generally tell now, right away, which beats are signature BM beats. Tronic, I really liked. I still have it on rotation. Thanks for posting this. Keep up the good wk on the blog. I still read often although I dont always comment. 🙂

  3. I don’t know about yall, but I was getting tired of the Dilla comparisons. This guy is in his own league. His drum game is insanely nice. He could easily go commercial without selling out.

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