Beats & Life Producer Showcase Footage

The Beats & Life Producer Showcase took place on November 7th in Riverside, California and featured producers The Flatlynerz, Willie B, Captain, Curtiss King, J. Bizness, and A3.

While Beats & Life was one of the smaller, more intimate producer events, there’s no denying that the crowds’s vibe and participation was inspiring.

[Respect to Ryan “The Camera Dude” Spencer for shooting and editing the vid.]

12 thoughts on “Beats & Life Producer Showcase Footage”

  1. My ni**a A3 up in the house rippin’ it! Go check him on Youtube! He has a few older vids up doin justice on the MV 8800! Nice showcase A3 with your talents! I’m glad you’re gettin’ some shine! You know I’ve followed you for some time because you’re a fellow MV user & I will continue to. I’m a fan for life bruh! I want say all the other brothers were dope & had that fire too! No complaints nowhere from me! The event looked like a lot of fun & I wish I would have been there! It reminds me of the Louis Den camp doin’ their thang across the water over there. Great vid & thanks for the post Crate Kings!

  2. am i the only ones who dislikes the dancing part of beat battles? i mean, if that’s what you feel inspired to do then go for it. I would rather just hear the beat, don’t care to see you dance, your not a dancer.

    • I think it looks fun…I wish I wasn’t so self conscious and worried what people might think of me…most of us probably do all that same shit by ourselves in our room when makin beats so it should be no different…

  3. It got people hyped so I’m guessing it was a success? Imagine if people stood there..lifeless… bobbing their head at a 45 degree angle in a stiff manner. lol

    • case in point, watch that video with Yelawolf performing with The Roots…just a crazy dope song and tooooooons of energy from The Roots (especially ?uestlove) and the crowd just stands there like it’s a TV or something…

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