Asterix Beatmaking Session & Studio Tour

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  1. Great vid! Seemed like he’s about to need a new screen for the MPC though. I saw those lines in it like its about to start fading on him. (Not the one’s where he’s chopping the sample) Great little man cave for beat making! The part I liked was the hooking up of the VCR! That says to me that you can get samples from ANYWHERE! He hooked it up to the board, found that spot on the tape of the boxing scene, & grabbed a quick sample! That was nice!

    • That’s one of the reasons I don’t fuck with the MPC 2000 XL. I’m stickin with my original 2000. The quality went way down when they came out with the XL.

  2. the second record he was spinning had a dope sample. I paused it until i could see the title of it and i found it. im bout to steal that sample with no shame.

  3. Is he really using the same drum sounds on every sample? His drums kinda suck a lot. He needs to be getting drums from sampled breaks and shit and not from some Big Fish Audio Hip-Hop Drumz library. His chopping isn’t that innovative either. Vohn Beats would go nuts with that collection and equipment! He is a cool guy though, and has the coolest usb drive I’ve ever seen.

    • I think he killed it. I use a similar approach on my MPC3000. I have a default kit that I start with and after the basic framework is done I change the drum sounds to match the sound of the sample. In these days where most people make beats on their computers it’s good to see someone actually hitting come pads. Sample CD or not this shit is hot.

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