Asher Roth x Nottz In Studio Footage

611 thoughts on “Asher Roth x Nottz In Studio Footage”

  1. damn, haven’t been to the durt factory in a minute! big up to Nottz Raw! one of 757’s finest! shout out to Dumskeme too!

  2. If your from VA and you message him ‘clipse ‘and any other Va artist or producer on myspace they wont respond like that.How sad ‘Im fom VA so it is what it is .He is not the only one.Maybe he don’t want to talk to me.You come to your own conclusion. I just wanted to holla and show a nigga some love.Va is not like the ATL.There is no love here.They say VA is for lovers .Maybe when your retired and like 70 years old lol.To make it so bad ‘ a nigga that wasn’t even from here opened the door .They got in and closed the door behind them.Don’t blame the radio stations and DJ’S for not supporting you blame yourself.Cause if you don’t show love to the people.They not gonna request it.But as far as nottz music . He is that nigga !

  3. lol look homeboy, i can’t respond to every person who hit me on da space!!! do u have any idea of da messages i get on dat shit??? no disrespect homie, but stoooooooppppp bein’ a fuckin’ hater!!!!!!!!!!


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