araabMUZIK vs 8th Wundah @ Winter Wars MPC Face-off

40 thoughts on “araabMUZIK vs 8th Wundah @ Winter Wars MPC Face-off”

  1. This was embarrassing… 8th really was wack and Araab was his usual cocky self, spazzing out on an MPC really doesn’t impress me…

  2. That was terrible!! 8th Wundah ripped his name off from Ninth Wonder and ripped his look off from the Alchemist. His music was just bad. Even worse was GayraabMusuck whose music gives me a headache when I hear it. Can you possibly use a different drum pattern and drum sounds just for one track?? Everything he does is the same just substitutes the sounds. Cmon Semantik, at least go back to putting up good beat making video’s instead of flooding the site with garbage GayraabMusuck every week.

      • Actually, 8th Wundah did NOT rip his name off from 9th. He’s had that name since AT LEAST the late 90’s when nobody had ever heard of 9th yet, at least in the northeast. 8th was also the first person I ever saw on video doing live MPC sh*t in like 2000 or some sh*t. Not sayin’ he didn’t get served, just sayin’ if you don’t know the facts maybe it’s best not to speak like you do.
        Moreover, who the fuck acts humble in a battle?! It’s a battle, you supposed to act cocky!! Aarab’s got skills. Sounds like a lot of you are having a tough time coming to terms with that. I don’t give a sh*t, it’s entertaining to me. Can I listen to his beats all day? Hell no, but he’s good at what he does.

        • 8th is that you? keep you comments in the northeast and i really cant believe dude has been fucking with an mp for any amount of time. he sounds like he just figured out how to turn it on and and is asking where the speakers at. im not even going to say how bad his hats sounded dude needs to stay in the basement work on the craft a little.

          • I think people only dislike Araab so much because of how he claimed Kanye bit his whole steez of using an mpc on stage when all ye did was trigger some sounds live off an mpc during one of his performances. He really jumped out there too.

    • I found this site to be pretty inspirational:

      I love Cratekings too. They’re on my morning blog check. lol

  3. Araab is quicker he has no music just a bunch of sounds being triggered really fast he acts like a super star humble yo self homie. 8th wundah had some dope samples but not fast i guess that’s what everybody is judging is the speed . Overall waste of time not hip hop this some trip pop garbage.

    • I would love to see exile shittt on arab he only good for mainstream exile is on a complete level …. Like y’all seen exile vs will I am that was a battle … But much love to both producers everyone got they sound…

  4. damn, I can’t listen right now but I bet this shit was fiiiiiiiiire…does Arab Music show everyone how he built the very first MPC in this video??

  5. GARBAGE!!! If the 8th cat wasn’t so wack, I would say both of these cat are losers!!! Arrab is doing the same stuff sounds, beats, samples, etc he’s playing his self out & quick is this what the beat battles are now gonna come down too?? Damn is anything Real Hip-Hop anymore?? Smh

  6. Araab is acting like an idiot. He thinks only because he’s fast it means hes good!

    I am realy sorry…no actually I am not but I really can not listen to this garbage. Its just pain in the ear!

  7. I agree with everyone here that this was a lopsided battle (understatement). I will also admit that araabMUZIK seems a bit too cocky sometimes but I have to give it to him. The dude is talented. He may have a formula that is repetitive but his beats are often energetic and neck snapping. If this is his style then let him run with it. He will eventually come against someone who will counter his style. In a battle situation, I expect to see cockiness. This is a major part of the competitive element within hip hop. Everybody aint a humble warrior. And humble warriors don’t always win. People use to criticize Swizz Beatz for being repetitive and using the same drum/keyboard sounds throughout his early hits. I would love see a battle with the true live MPC king- Exile. Exile varies his stuff so much that this would test araabMUZIK’s predictable technique.

  8. Yo aarab is real wack. Dude was button mashing…horrible. 8th didn’t kill it….at least he had some dope beats/samples. I’d keep it on the humble little holmie…speed like that might get you a rub n tug gig, but it wont help you make beats.

  9. These producers have their own markets and clients who adhere to’em. Everyone has a market. Even if they’re wack. The difference is these kats is doing it while others are complaining about their individual styles. It’s a competition!!! LOL. When it comes down to real music these kats may or may not have bangers. They’re getting the exposure while haters do what they do best!!!

  10. Arab blows. The ALC look alike was slightly better..but whatever. Straight up. Guys like this are the reason most comments on vids of guys rocking pads are negativity. The same pre memorised patterns, The same stupid attitude that isn’t in line with any kinda skill. At least be funky/melodic with it… i.e. Jeremy Ellis, Exile, DJ Day. Even Damu (Who isn’t a neccesarily a live user of the MP in that right makes it funkier/pleasurable to the ear)

  11. Dudes just fast. May be good for making a breakdown or intro but when it comes to making verses and hooks that shit would get annoying. I can get as fast as him using my s3000 using a keyboard to trigger the samples and id have better melodic shit than him.

  12. Kind of late with the comment but felt compelled after seeing several of this guy’s videos on Youtube.. Seems like he got a ton of fans who aren’t at all familiar with sampling or beat making in general who are easily impressed — its a visual cram-fest and it looks crazy I’ll admit but wtf lol? Wouldn’t that sh*t get boring after a while? I mean for him lol! Using like 8 small samples on every song with stock drums, I had my MPC for a while and the thought of doing this never even crossed my mind lmao, so much for digging through crates. The drum patterns aren’t even that complex, its pretty much the same on every beat, very robotic with no swing at all, I never hear any toms, just kick, kick, kick, crash, crash, crash, I don’t get it lol!

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