AraabMuzik Claims Kanye West Jacked His Style

Twenty-year-old producer AraabMuzik, The MVP of the MPC, talks about his musical background as a drummer, his first big break with Cam’ron’s “I Used To Get It In Ohio”, his upcoming album.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the interview occurs when the producer claims that Kanye West jacked his style at the VMA’s, though Kanye’s performance didn’t even remotely resemble anything that AraabMuzik has done.

Style-jacking, coincidence, or something else? What do you think?

81 thoughts on “AraabMuzik Claims Kanye West Jacked His Style”

  1. not even any of that. araab just doesn’t know his history. if he seriously thinks he was the first to rock an MPC live, he’s insane. i won’t knock what he does – he is wicked with the MPC, i’ve seen the videos, but cats like Exile, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and more have been doing live routines with their MPCs.

  2. If Kanye stole his “style” than call me Say it Ain’t Swagga Jacka.

    Whatever happened to Damu? Pete Rock? Loop Analysis? Edan? Everyone else using mpc as a live instrument before the ’99?

    This kid just plays fast drum patterns.

  3. not to shit on hiz shine but he just an anverage producer at best. speeding up rock and soul samples is playing out quick. mpc”z live on stage is nothing new.. Linkin Park

  4. This kid needs to experience “an occasion on which one is reminded of the state of things in the real world” (Oxford Dictionary’s definition of REALITY CHECK).
    Plus, his technical skills far outweigh any real musical talent.

  5. “er’body knows i did this shit first” haha what a muppet. props to thriller tho for makin this a mad funny interview, despite this hyperactive brat: skillz indeed, bu humble yoself. thriller bringin the heat on those pads too! lol

  6. Araab went too far wid that statement lol! How could he say that Kanye bit his style? I cant front! He’s got talent with HOW he uses the MPC but thats it! I think he’s gassed up! Kanye is in a different lane all together. Im yet to hear a classic beat from Araab….Just sayin’!

  7. so i guess if you play any instrument well, you’re jacking someone else…

    dude’s a bit cocky to think just because he can hammer out phrase samples, with the addition of kicks, snares and hats on a drum machine, he’s the first to do so…

    this is what’s wrong with the ‘urban music’ game nowadays. EVERYONE thinks they’re the $hit, but really they don’t know $hit. it’s like… “my $hit” is the best… “yeah, lemme do a beat battle, etc., etc.” music is about creation and not trying to prove that you’re better than someone else… let the work speak for itself. it’s not about competition.

    anyone can bang around on an instrument with fast hands, nodding hard, good looks and moves. i can’t stand when people look at these cats like “whoa! that’s incredible!”

    ‘aight… NEXT.

  8. let’s just delete this post…it’s kind of insulting to anyone who knows anything….and crate kings readers know a LOT…

  9. C’MON SON!!!! When I first saw ArabMuzik I really dug what he was doing and the fact he was making cheddar of his art but this interview really pissed me off. Firstly, how did Kanye jack your style son! LMAO Are you serious….just cos Kanye took an MPC on stage…..? C’MON SON…..where’s Ed Lover when you need him…..

    Also, he’s on the DipSet vs Kanye West bullshit that they got going on for whatever reasons and it seems as if dude is just puttin himself into that situation because he’s DipSet affiliated! SUCKER MOVE YOU PLAYED YOURSELF FOR THAT ONE!!!!


  10. I dont like Kanye’s style but this Araab dude needs a reality check, banging out weak beats on the mp does not make you the MVP of the MPC… like wtf son?

  11. Wow is this kid serious? He has a couple hot tracks and acts like he’s one of the best? I get a headache every time i listen to his live MPC performances. Plus he uses the same drum sounds and patterns every time.

  12. This nucca can’t be serious. I will admit…I really like the live MPC performances…way way better than Exile…no offense….but you can’t be serious. “I’m very happy for you ima let you finsh….AraabMuzik had the best drum patterns of all time!!!!…of all time!!!!”…..LMAO!!!!!!!!

    • He is a punk….this nigga said Kanye swagga jacked him….then the guy doin the interview was like…..”so you seen on stage & you ain’t say nothing?….he like “nah…i ain’t”……and the interviewer said…”if you scared you can say you was scared”….lmao!!!

      he was scared…he probably shit bricks…lmao!

      it’s a shame cus he do got mad talent….but he need to fix that mouth before some real niggaz fuck his ass up. Dipset ain’t gonna save em….they ain’t gonna save his ass from runnin his mouth…lol.

  13. He cant be serious, 3xdope (check your history) used to bang the beats out live on stage….as well as many others…he is young, but someone needs to pull him to the side and inform him that even though he is doinb his thing he is in no way shape or form the first nor the hundreath (if that is a word) to do that live….i know that in my city alone damn near every local group from the 90s used to not only have the tables on stage but also damn near every piece of equipment they owned as well to give the best show possible….i think araabmusik is nice at what he does….but not the first by a longshot.

  14. hopefully he does some different stuff, now that kanye “bit” his style… drums…chipmunk.dipset samples…has been done b4 also…..

  15. man this kid needs to shut up, he marginally talented on the mp. he gassing himself up. beats ain’t spectacular either. humble yaself youngin. all his shit sound the same and banging around pads really fast is cool for like 5 minutes but once u seen that you basically peeped his whole style. watch them live videos of him perfoming this with a crowd and they look lost, don’t even know when to start dancing or if they should just stare in amazement.

  16. This joint is too funny. There’s not too much I can say that hasn’t already been said bout this kid and his nonsense. He’s dope at what he does and while he’s not the first to rock out on an Mpc live, there’s not a lotta cats who’ve banged out full joints on the fly like he does. This is why he gets the responses and love that he gets. Combine that with the fact that a lot of folks in today’s “current” music scene don’t do this. The younger generations of music fans today have no idea about some of the pioneers of live mpc performing. Hell……there’s tons of up and comers today that might not even know what an mpc is. FL Studio is as far as their music equipment knowledge goes (NO knock to FL Studio, I kill with it myself). Someone should def pull him to the side and expose him to the history of the art that he partakes in tho so he doesn’t further make a fool of himself!!!!

  17. Yo what about Grandmaster Flash doing – flash to the beat live, from 83/4?
    I know it wouldnt be a mpc but he still banged that shit out live on a drum machine.
    I think he played himself a bit with this, gassed up.


  19. A damn shame that cratekings gives this gayguy the kinda publicity he wants by saying stupid gay stuff like Kanye stole this or that. using a famous
    Just another lewinsky ..but a guy.. a gay guy.

  20. I was just thinking how does Mike Shinoda feel about this? When Linkin’ Park been bangin’ beat machines on stage.

  21. everyone jacks from everybody. why dont they just take it as a compliment??

    btw, you guys gotta check out the making of Diddy/Dirty Money’s new album.. this shit is hot. ppl could do a lot of mixes with the songs on this album:


  23. So now they have a patent on how you can tap your MPC, lol??? Dude is pretty ballsy to make a statement about Kanye like that!!! He’s not even in Kayne’s league!!! Don’t get me wrong with trying to make it, but he is saying just because Kayne was tapping the MPC a little fast, he stole your style?? Get the fu*k outta here!!! Plus you’re 20 years old??? He wasn’t even born when the MPC 60 was out!!!! LMAO!!! He needs to go to the masters & repent, lol!! Little bruh is WAY out of line!! He needs to have more respect for the game!!!

  24. Everyone always trying to pull someone down! Fact of the matter is, He’s KANYE now, its TOO LATE! He’s better off doing a mixtape or something. lol.

    Have you seen the making of Diddy’s new album in stores next week! Click here! Its popping!!

  25. It’s not impressive that he can play the MPC fast, thats not impressive at all,, hes got some fire beats and thats it.. props due!

  26. This kids a fucking faggot. I read an interview with him saying he doesn’t even sample vinyl and all his shit is taken off of youtube and mp3’s. Now this? What the fuck man. This kid doesn’t even belong in the hip hop game. His first hip hop album was probably 50 cent’s Get Rich or Die Trying. Get the fuck out of here. You lose. No cred.

  27. Someone Smack Dis Homo. He needs to shut his mouth and do what he do. Like everyone has mentioned, a whole lot of other cats have been using the MPC live. Only thang that seperates him from the others is that he knows how to hit the pads extra fast. WHOOPIE!!!!!

  28. i hate how when dudes make a couple of beats and push a couple of buttons they think that they are producers… im tired of these beat makers that has 2 and 4 bar loops and and put a weak ol drum pattern behind it… learn from yur roots little kid…

    • NO HE DIDN’T!!!

      This kid is an asshole, but Exile’s live MPC performance sounds wack as fuck!…lol. I’m sorry but that’s how I feel about it. As far as Exile’s production work…that shit is hot.

  29. This is not as funny as Yung Berg saying Kanye stole Jesus Walks from him, but it is damn close.

    I like dude but he need to join us in reality!

    1. Get off Kanye’s nuts!
    2. How you from NY and don’t have no hiphop history knowledge … WTF!
    3. Play yo position, way to fuck yourself out of working with Ye.

  30. man you can all talk shit but he would destroy any of you in a beat battle and to just think hes just hitting it fast and not understand the timing this guy has is ridiculous he bangs out entire tracks not 4bar patterns

  31. just becuz u can hit the pads fast doesnt make u a great producer. he been jacking Tha heatmakerz sound ever since he got in tha game. this kid got some nerves.

  32. haha this nigga is alreaady all cocky n shit
    hes dope and errything but i hate how hes shootin on one of the greatest producers out right now like hes the shit
    all he does is just press a bunch of buttons on his mpc
    this dude needs to sit the fuck down

  33. I cosign everything everyone said to the 100 power. However this kid is 20 which means he is at the age where you say the dumbest shit in your life. These youngns today have no knowledge of history. Your the first to bang the mp fast? Not. Try Jeremy Ellis fam.
    On top of that when Jack said ” Its a lot of talent coming out of RI” He was like ehhhh. How you gonna shit on where you from? There is talent there just like a lot of places. Obviously they know something or it wouldnt have come up. He needs to be interviewed by someone who has the knowledge to put him in his place when he decides to shoot his self in the foot.

    • Speek Greene – quote – “However this kid is 20 which means he is at the age where you say the dumbest shit in your life. ” I tend to agree bruh, especially when your brain is NOT fully developed until you’re 25!! Dude needs to just stay in his own lane, humble himself, & then the TRUE props he’s looking for will come in due time. If not, I don’t give a damn how good he is because that mouth will make him end up black-balling himself. Then you’ll never hear of him again.

  34. Yeah I was diggin dude’s live performances before I saw this interview, but he came off mad cocky and unappreciative. Most producers are humble dudes so this type of shit is off putting. Plus to not know that tons of other dudes have rocked MPCs live?! Like he invented that shit and he owns it or something?! Fuck outta here. He’s flipping sped up soul samples, isn’t he jackin Kanye? He has some nice shit, but he’s trying to box WAY above his weight class.

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