A Tribute To Ramsey (Lewis) Mixtape – DJ Ian Head (Download)


DJ Ian Head drop his May 2009 mixtape entitled A Tribute To Ramsey.  Consisting entirely of original tracks by none other than jazz composer/pianist Ramsey Lewis, this generous mix is sure to delight and surprise all listeners.

"It’s true his records aren’t sampled as heavily as other artists, and that he was very successful, so his titles aren’t that rare. But the dude was is ridiculously talented, versatile and funky."

Download: A Tribute To Ramsey by DJ Ian Head

Visit Ian Head’s site Everyday Beats for more info and mixes.

389 thoughts on “A Tribute To Ramsey (Lewis) Mixtape – DJ Ian Head (Download)”

  1. He’s got some great albums that have just great vibes even though they’re not regarded as classics or hard to find. His stuff from the late 60s and early 70s is generally worth picking up.

  2. His music is totally on point but I’m sorry to say the man in person is a cheap little d!ckhead with an ego larger than the Sears tower.

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