9th Wonder Talks Pro Tools + Monitors

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  1. see kids, u cant just use fruity loops and make hit music (well, 9th’s music definately aint hits). take a closer look at his racks. thats what makes his music sound like it sounds. distressors, universal audio, cranes, etc.

  2. How do u know he just wasn’t put in that studio for the sake of the interview, did u see him using any of the things u mentioned………….NO!!!!!………All u see is a guy being interviewed and the background is a recording studio. Hell, nowadays there’s a software version for every piece of hardware available.

    also……..9th Wonder has more “Hits” than you, so till u bless us with ur amazing work…..i’ll settle for his


  3. nowadays there’s a software version for every piece of hardware available ???

    oh yeah? show me distressor emulation?

  4. this whole argument about analog vs digital…………..Hardware vs Software…..is a bunch of bull……be versatile in both fields…..a monkey can turn knobs left and right but can’t create good music……ur creativity should be ur sickest piece of equipment.


  5. lol at sayin 9th doesn’t have any hits wow. but ye 9th is that dude when it comes to production. always has been imo. and he right about them bx series. i got the bx5s and love them to death. the analog vs digital thing can keep being brought up but its always gonna be up to whos using the software or equipment and how you use it. hell if i wanted to record a drum sound by hitting my mixer machine and eq it if its dope its music.

  6. I’m from Durham and I hung out with 9th back in his NC Central days. I remember watching him make beats on Fruity Loops, and listening to rough demo’s in Phonte’s car (dude from Little Brother). I can tell you that this dude didn’t need shit to make hot beats. He used the bullshit ass filters on fruity loops and made basses sound incredible, and he knew what drums to use. 9th has paper now, so of course he is gonna cop some sick gear, but this cat could make hits on a fucking 303 if thats all he had.

  7. Like Kid Konnect Stated your EAR and you creativity should be your sickest piece of equipment.

    If you can make a hot beat it shouldn’t matter what you use.

    To the hater of the kids learning production stop with your insults everybody starts somewhere. I know and have heard producers talk about a method I used to use to make beats in the Mid 80s and that is 2 Ghetto Blasters and a Pause Button. You practise then you get better then you work up to expensive equiptment.

    If you have the Talant you will make nice beats with whatever you got.

    Use what you got to get what you want!!!

  8. . 9ths Buckshot record was mixed at a studio in Raleigh, and I know from an intern there that the whole project was mixed in the box, wth no hardware..just straight up skills with pro tools and plug ins.

  9. 9th wonder have many hits dawg!Get the Lil’ Brother material from back…
    bin jamming that forever,its only that guys r not willing to listen cos they software skills is weak…

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