Young Guru Talks Bad Boy, Jay-Z, Battling Just Blaze

The Hip-Hop Chronicle interviews engineer Young Guru as he discusses working with Bad Boy and his connection with D-Dot, Chucky Thompson, and Tracy Lee. Young Guru also touches on his his start DJ’ing for Nonchalont to moving to New York and becoming D-Dot’s engineer, which finally lead to working with numerous other artists.

7 thoughts on “Young Guru Talks Bad Boy, Jay-Z, Battling Just Blaze”

  1. Thanks for sharing Semantik. BTW, this dude doing the interview is freakin annoying. He throws add lips in every Guru sentence. Jeez, can he shut up and let the man answer.

  2. yall wanna hate on this interviewer cos he actually does decent interviews. can’t say the same for 99% of US hip hop interviews. THHC do it proper. Suck a dick if you can’t appreciate his interviews.

  3. I came to comment just to make a post about that effin’ interviewer. He’s annoying as SHIT. Always puts himself in the forefront, and acts like he’s actually having a discussion with his “friends”, though he’s clearly in fanboy mode. Tim Westwood is nothing compared to this dude.

  4. I was going to say something about the interviewer but I think everyone’s pretty much in agreeance, lol. It was a great interview regardless, I dig the way Guru always seems to layer his answers, so it’s never really a quick thing. Makes it more interesting.

    Check out the John Forte’ write up, hit the website.

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