Will Sessions x Black Milk In-Studio Session Pt. 2

2,043 thoughts on “Will Sessions x Black Milk In-Studio Session Pt. 2”

  1. Ohh weeeeee…..
    Man I can already tell this joint is going to be nice. Most certainly copping. Vst’s is cool and all but its real deal holyfield when them live instruments are combined with dope chops from the MP.

    Milk getting better and better…I see you gettin ya Quincy on my dude…

    Turn it up!

  2. Black Milk is straight KILLIN it right now. In every aspect.
    Thats the ideal situation for musical creation. A bunch of great musicians all around you willing to play exactly what you tell them, all in a bombass studio. Thats my expensive ass dream right there.

        • i agree with you. The only difference is that he samples of the musician right there and not from a record thats 40 years old. He is going to be one of the greatest i can tell!!!

  3. These new tracks sound like they’re going to be amazing! I can’t wait for the new Black Milk to drop! True collaborative genius right there.

  4. the last beat he was playing was absolutely nuts!!!

    and on the “paying musicians” tip, who’s said he’s paying these dudes…I know a couple trumpet players, bass players, incredible guitarists, pianists, etc… myself and I’m just one dude in a much smaller town than Detroit. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that he might just have met these dudes at a show or something and has been building a good relationship with them…

    • you never know though

      I know a few cats that make a living doing instrument session work – they have to bust their ass though – but you could be right – I’ve done free bass session work for other beatmakers just because they asked the right way and I dug the project –

      usually, if a label or any type of funding is involved (I’m guessing that it is here), they want to pay the musicians up front so that they wave any song writing credits/royalties – or the royalties won’t be very big – you get what I’m saying – and the other thing is that it’s waaaay cheaper most the time to pay musicians than to clear sample credits

  5. The last two beats of the video? Sold baby! I’m copping the cd, vinyl, itunes release and whoever’s selling it on 125th!!!!

  6. hes still sampling but layering samples with live insturmenton
    imo hes the best alive right now
    cant wait for his albums this year

    • DJ Khalil > Black Milk

      Khalil is moving hip hop in a direction with his SONGS that hardly anyone else is coming close to…they are so much more than just beats with 16’s…Black Milk is amazingly dope though…I just think Khalil is on a completely other level!!

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