Wax Poetics Magazine Collection Finally Completed!

There has been a lot going on this week with tooling up my resume for a new daytime gig, working with coders to add new features to the site, researching the possibility of a new web host, and somehow finding the time to make a beat or two.  I can also finally declare that one of my longtime digging quests has been completed.

Those of you that have been reading Crate Kings for a while know that I have a tiny obsessive streak when it comes to records, production, and, of course, Wax Poetics Magazine.  I stumbled across Wax Poetics a few years ago during the release of issue number 8 and have been struggling to bury a growing internal need to obtain every back issue.  It seems as though a number of others have the same Wax Poetics problem, since back issues of the mag have been fetching significant amounts of dough on Ebay.  A couple of weeks ago I could no longer bear the sleepless nights or contain the urge to find out what endless jewels were contained in issues 1 through 7.

Let me just say that the articles contained in the first few issues are amazing!  Wax Poetics has become more geared towards classic soul and funk, but it really started off as a mag focused towards Hip Hop, beat making, and record diggers.  I’ve heard rumors about an anthology of early articles being released this spring.  Hopefully this is true and more people will be able to read some the classics gems that have been dropped.  Until then you’ll have to settle for these proud pictures of a truly rare site… a complete collection of Wax Poetics magazine (including the issue 17 dual cover with Dilla and Pulblic Enemy).  Enjoy!

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  1. Man that is real dope! Congrats…I’m def tryin to cop all those back issues. Hey what is that book on the left next to issue #1. It looks like it says “Sampling Love: Sampling Source Dictionary.” Where can I find this? Thanks man, peace

  2. Thanks man… I found my copy of the sampling source dictionary at Dusty Groove in Chicago a couple of years ago, but I haven’t seen a copy since. If sample id’s are what you are looking for then stay tuned… there is a crate kings project launching soon.

  3. Yeah man, love the mag. Not only do I have every issue 1-31, I bought each issue as it has come out. I may not be the ultimate digger but I feel proud to own a truley ill collection off mags. National geo aint got ish on WAX PO

  4. yo K-V,

    how much is shipping to germany for both issues? this will determine how much i can offer for both issues.


  5. wax poe issue with cover art by tracy 168 i work with tracy
    one of his favorite pieces about to do major show with this litho contact me interesting big news hbo doc possible breaking out big time book t.v movie phone 203 297 7858

  6. I wish somebody would scan the issues and release them as a digital torrent, As I cant afford them.

  7. Sorry for the late reply guys, I don’t read this forum often enough.

    Shipping to Germany: my guess is around €10.

    I’m not selling issue 1 or 2 for under €100 a piece.

    Hit me on email if you’re interested.

  8. nice! that PE/Dilla issue was the first one i ever bought! i have lost a couple over the years but am about to start getting all the back issue as well

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