Turntable Pilot: Remote Controlled Stylus And Tonearm


Who could ever deny the need for a remote controlled turntable?  The solution: strap a USB camera to the front of a stylus, illuminate with LED’s, and control the tonearm with servos and a stepmotor.  If only there were a way to control Serato using mental telepathy.

[via Art Marcovici]

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1,631 thoughts on “Turntable Pilot: Remote Controlled Stylus And Tonearm”

  1. What a bunch of work for nothing! 😀
    I remember old turntables came with a preset and they knew where a 33,45 and 78 rpm slice started. But yea, it could be a nice schoolproject.

  2. What a great labor-saving idea! Why go to all the time and trouble, manually lifting the tone arm and then moving it to the next track? This set up will make CD and MP3 players obsolete, I’ll bet.

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