Tonemaker Voice: Ski Beatz Custom Ringtone Promo

25 thoughts on “Tonemaker Voice: Ski Beatz Custom Ringtone Promo”

  1. why go there, anonymous guy? what you have you contributed to hiphop music that puts you in a position to throw insults at dude? you lost respect because he did a promo for a cell phone app? lol

  2. Yo Big G…you are being a hater son. He’s getting his paper, and he’s not selling a wack product either. I don’t know about you, but I think that idea is fresh. Man, sometimes I wonder why they don’t just call it the haternet, cause this cyberspace is full of yall. You would probably act mad homo and jock this dude hard if you saw him in public.

  3. we dont get it … big g, your lack of perspective leads me to believe you have no real world business experience. where does “selling off the culture” stop? ever ask yourself where did it start? ever hear a tune called “my adidas” by a group called run dmc? did that song strike a nerve with you as well? what about the many rap, rock and pop songs before that one that essentially plugged products, places and possibilities? if you were a working producer, and promoted a product that was music related and made use of new technology, i might say you were doing your job and give you a pat on the back rather than a slap in the face. no need for a reply, we can simply agree to disagree. that said, i wish you well in whatever it is that you do.

  4. I understand your concern Big G, but I think u really got it twisted. If the dude does a KFC ad, I’m right there with ya, but as long as he’s sellin something cool, its all good. Plus, now I’m gonna make a custom ringtone for every shorty I meet.

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