The BeatTips Manual 5th Edition (Twitter Giveaway)


Here’s a chance to win a copy of the 5th edition of The BeatTips Manual: Beatmaking, the Hip Hop/Rap Music Tradition, and the Common Composer written by Amir “Sa’id” Said.

The 5th edition of The BeatTips Manual, which is scheduled for a November 23rd release, covers many of the traditional stumbling points for aspiring producers including such topics as equipment selection, sampling issues, song structure, and business topics.

How to Win:
1. Follow Crate Kings on Twitter
2. Message us with the name of your favorite equipment or software.

Deadline: Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 at 12pm EST.
Winner will be chosen at Random.

Visit BeatTips for more info or follow them Twitter.

1,547 thoughts on “The BeatTips Manual 5th Edition (Twitter Giveaway)”

    • Nah man, Im not that kinda guy, who uses all the mediums to tell the world what he is doing.. i like talking to people in person. Now every time someone goes to the toilet he has to share it with the world.

      Remeber when you used to call your friends at their house, remeber those conversations? those were quality calls..
      No offence to others but it aint me..


      • Yeah i definately feel you on that one.
        The constant updating of someones life is not for everyone.

        But i do see wannabe up and coming producers looking to get ahead in the game using Twitter as a networking tool. It makes already established producers and industry people more accessible to get a hold of as they are on twitter too.

      • I definitely agree about not needing to broadcast every moment of your personal life. The thing about Twitter is that it can serve a number of different uses depending on your needs. Some people use it for communication, some for following news, and others mainly for research.

        For Crate Kings it offers a way to easily connect directly with readers without some of the usual barriers. We also tend to “tweet” news and event notifications that aren’t necessarily deserving of entire blog posts.

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