Brainwerks: Pro Tools Operator Tutorials Now Available


Pro Tools super genius Stefan Hedengren presents this collection of video tutorials will show you how to tame the most commonly used functions of the beast that is known as Pro Tools. 

Brainwerks Pro Tools Operator covers basics such as I/O setup and fast track creation, to more advanced topics such as stems, submixes, Elastic Time, daily clean up along with personal tricks to assist in recording.

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Brief History of Auto-Tune And T-Pain’s Technological Predecessors

Seems like everyone is fascinated with Antares Auto-Tune lately, including The New Yorker.  Author Sasha Frere-Jones quickly breaks down the history of Auto-Tune from the inventor Andy Hildebrand’s ventures in the oil indusry, to Cher’s vocal tweaking on "Believe", and finally T-Pain’s complete adoption of the technique.  There’s also a little bit of sound theory … Read more

Compression Explained For The Rest Of Us

For everyone aching to learn more about processors, producer Eric Hawkins serves up a nice lesson in audio compression explaining concepts like threshold, ratio, attack, and release.  Reason users will be especially happy since he provides a downloadable song file demonstrating the different settings and parameters.

Disko Dave Demonstrates Akai MPC 2000XL

Disko Dave of Better Beat Bureau presents us with another top notch MPC 2000XL beat making video.  From start to finish Dave begins with a nice soul sample, programs the bassline, then brings us through drums, and sequencing to produce a rock solid track.  Much respect for taking the time to zoom in on the … Read more

Basic Digital Audio Recording Theory And Concepts

I’ve always believed that theoretical topics have very important practical applications, especially when it comes to recording sound.  For many aspiring musicians and producers, having a functional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is enough to suffice, but for those who really want to take their recording to the next level, it is necessary to have at … Read more

Talkbox Basics – Tutorial And FAQ

This one is long, but it’s worth it. DJ Mpact breaks down just about everything having to do with the talkbox including recommended equipment, usage, plus a breakdown of the style and playing techniques used by Roger Troutman. Also visit The Talkbox FAQ and pic up a few notes about how to get the authentic … Read more