Copyright Criminals Documentary Airing On PBS

Sample fiends get ready.  Copyright Criminals, the next episode of PBS’s Independent Lens series, will air on Tuesday, January 19th and examines a multitude of ever evolving copyright issues.  View the Copyright Criminals trailer for a preview. Visit PBS for more info and local listings.

iSample App Offers Quick iPhone Recording & Looping

iPhone app developer Way Out Ware has released iSample, which is the company’s version of of an sampler with an emphasis on quick and easy recording, playing, and looping. Features: 6 sample pads with direct to disk recording. Fast touch pad response. Up to 6 samples can be played at the same time. Banks of … Read more

DJ Khalil On Detox, Sampling, and LA Hip-Hop

The Takeover Radio Show brings an interview with DJ Khalil as he discusses first getting involved in music as a DJ, dabbling in his fathers record collection, purchasing his first Ensoniq ASR-10 in 1990, and first meeting Dr. Dre.  Khalil also touches on Detox leaks, the state of LA hip-hop, and why he no longer samples, preferring instead to compose completely original music.

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Copyright Criminals: This Is A Sampling Sport – Documentary Trailer

The documentary Copyright Criminals: This Is A Sampling Sport delves deep into the history, artistic, and legal arguments surrounding sample based music creation.  Copyright Criminals follows the birth and rise of sampling through interviews and commentary from such notables as Q-Bert, Public Enemy, De La Soul, Mix Master Mike, Clyde Stubblefield, George Clinton, DJ Spooky, … Read more

Could Diddy & Bad Boy Save Sampling? – Slate Magazine

Attorney  Anthony Falzone, Executive Director, Fair Use Project, discusses the recent ruling against Bad Boy Records for the unauthorized sampling of the Ohio Players’ “Singing in the Morning" in The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ready To Die”.  His article “Diddy Could Save Sampling” presents a refreshing legal argument for the practice of sampling along with an interesting … Read more

Sampling Copyright Laws Have Changed!

Here’s an interesting article about how the NWA/Funkadelic court ruling has effected the future of Hip-Hop production and the music business.  Pay attention and make sure you dig hard, chop those samples, and use your filters! Can Hip Hop Live Without Sampling?

Beware of the Sample Trolls!

For all of you cats who like to chop, loop, and flip those samples; beware of an up and coming new enemy to sample based music production… the sample trolls. Slate magazine has done an excellent job illustrating a part of the music industry that many of us lesser known producer have not had the … Read more