Rsonist Gets Honest: Work Ethic, Hip-Hop, Personal Sacrifices

Here’s something we don’t normally run across everyday… a sincere, honest interview with few traces of promoting a current or upcoming project. Rsonist of the Heatmakerz discusses receiving the big break from Camron, his first job at a concession stand, first beginning to make music, and receiving his first placement after about 6 months.  Rsonist … Read more

Rsonist On Producer Business Issues, DipSet Sound, and Crash Crew

Rsonist of The Heatmakerz tells the story of initially getting involved in production while in college, his first big record, and cultivating the DipSet sound.

He also discusses his experience working with managers, the importance of building relationships with artists, the responsibility of personally handling business issues, and the sound that dominated New York Hip-Hop at the hight of The Diplomats.

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Rsonist Warns To Stay Away From the Music Industry

Rsonist of production crew The Heatmakerz talks about upcoming projects with the Crash Crew, the changing role of internet marketing with new music, and current musical trends in Hip-Hop.  He also discusses initially working with Dip Set, receiving track placements on the Diplomatic Immunity album, and warns that "the music game is not all it’s … Read more

Rsonist/Heatmakerz Beat Making + Freestyle Studio Session

Rsonist of the Heatmakerz takes through the construction of a quick instrumental in order to showcase sample looping, keyboard work, and drum layering utilizing his Akai MPC 4000 sampler/sequencer.  Warning:  The track creation portion of the video is enlightening, but after 2:45 it deteriorates into a typical lackluster freestyle session.