marco polo

Marco Polo & Torae: One Producer, One Album

After discussing his training as an audio engineer and decision to relocate to New York, Marco Polo and Torae offer tips for aspiring producers and MC’s along with insight into the recording of their album Double Barrel. As an MC I think it’s difficult because you kinda want to find you own sound.  And crafting albums, you’re … Read more

Marco Polo Making Beats + Sample Layering w/ MPC 2000XL

Another producer who has no problem rocking the MPC 2000XL while easily holding a cigarette, Marco Polo discusses his philosophy of creation and the influence of Pete Rock while offering a glimpse into his method for making beats.  Along the way Marco Polo explains tuning and pitching drums, layering multiple sample sources, and the importance … Read more

Marco Polo Cribs Home Studio Tour

In the most recent installment of Double Barrel Tuesdays, Marco Polo takes us through his version of Cribs to reveal his home production setup where about 70 percent of his Port Authority album was recorded. Choosing to stay brilliant at the basics, vinyl, Pro Tools, and an Akai MPC 2000XL complete with tire mark are … Read more