Nicolay (Foreign Exchange) Lists Studio Setup + Equipment

Producer Nicolay begins his personal producer series “Inside The Producer’s Studio” by listing his complete production setup and stating clearly and definitively that “as a general rule I will NOT be “giving away” samples. I am crazy, but I am not THAT crazy.” Nicolay’s equipment collection includes: Digidesign 003 Factory Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7.4 … Read more

Nicolay On Quitting Music, Forming Foreign Exchange

In a lecture session with Red Bull, Foreign Exchange producer Nicolay tells the story of studying music, quitting music, and finally returning after connecting with Phonte through the Okayplayer messageboard.  Nicolay, a formally trained musician, also talks about the benefits of musical theory and education in the creation of Hip-Hop instrumentals. Hear the whole audio … Read more