Disko Dave’s Geico Commercial

Crate Kings favorite Disko Dave speaks with his hands to provide a some interpretive scratches and show us how a prime time commercial should be done. See more of Disko Dave.

Diddy Clarifies His Criticism of DJ’s

I know that we’ve given Diddy too much airtime the past couple of days, but this one couldn’t be avoided.  Diddy clarifies his previous comments concerning DJ’s, calls for responsibility, and dares DJ’s to experiment with their playlists stating, " You have to have the heart to clear the dancefloor." Note:  Does anyone else find … Read more

Diddy Bashes DJ’s and Hip Hop’s Risk Taking Ability

  Diddy attacks DJ’s, formulaic artists, and Hip-Hop in general for not taking risks, sounding the same, and refusing to break records.  With such comments and criticism as, "Hip-Hop has lost its risk taking quality, everybody goes to the comfort zone," and "DJ’s ain’t DJ’s no more," there’s obviously a bit of truth to his … Read more

Is Whoo Kid Really A DJ?

While saddling up for another Monday morning grind, I ran across footage of Whoo Kid’s guest appearance on The Round Table.  Not surprising he begins by taking a couple of shots at Ja Rule, Murder Inc, and Kanye West, but he then goes on to state that he’s "not really a DJ."

This statement could be interpreted a number of different ways… an attempt at humbleness, admission of guilt, sarcasm, boasting, or some combination of each.  In the end, it’s all irrelevant since at this point I’m sure Whoo Kid could care less what anyone, especially those with lesser bankrolls, think of him.  Still one question remains… what do you call Whoo Kid and people like him?

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Reel To Reel Mixing + Scratching

Another reminder of amazing ingenuity and uncanny ability of DJ’s and producers to make something out of nothing.  Circa 1991 videotape of a performance of scratching and mixing with two reel to reel tape machines.  No special "turntablist" designed turntables, digital vinyl, or fancy DAW needed… just a desire to make music.

DJ Ruthless Ramsey’s Tape Deck Scratching

DJ Ruthless Ramsey takes his love for cassettes to the next level.  Forget pause tape recordings… here he demonstrates how to scratch, blend, and mix using two boom boxes and a Numark mixer.  Sadly, his two outdated cassette decks puts the skill of most Serato users to shame.  His turntable skill is nothing to be … Read more

DJ Nu-Mark’s Bathroom Sink Turntablism

Take a trip inside DJ Nu-Mark’s hotel bathroom for a little "mixing."  If you thought his collection of bent music toys was out there, just wait till you see this one.  I guess this is what happens when you’re on tour for too long.

Are DJ’s Becoming Teamsters???

For years there’s been much talk of DJ’s somehow banding together, unionizing, and leveraging their power of influence in clubs, radio, and other media. Formed July 2008 to serve as an "advocacy group on a range of public policy and rights issues," the The International Disc Jockey Trade Association (IDJTA) boasts a number of notable … Read more