DJ Clark Kent Demos Beats Spin By Dr. Dre Headphones

Monster Cable rep Sincere gets DJ Clark Kent on camera to demo some of the physical features of the upcoming Beats Spin by Dr. Dre headphones.  The Beats Spin headphones, which are scheduled for an April 2010 release and feature a $349 price tag, promise to deliver the same sonic quality as the regular Beats By Dr. Dre headphones, but with added versatility, maneuverability, and durability for professional and semi-pro DJ’s.

Visit Beats Spin for more info or to reserve a pair.

Hit the breaks for additional pics!

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DJ Clark Kent On Blogging, Politics, And Nike Consulting

"Think about the people who are sitting around with all of that time on their hands to get on a computer just to listen to songs instead of having something else to do…"

A pretty tough statement for all of the new artists looking to leverage new promotional tools and fans tired of having mediocre music shoved down their throats by radio and television.  I get the feeling that Clark Kent is forgetting that not everyone has access or even the desire to access traditional outlets.

It’s obvious from Clark Kent’s references to music theft and stealing that he alread holds a negative view of online music distribution and promotion.  However, the fact remains that the music industry is changing and desperately needs to adopt new revenue models.

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