Suffering From Vinyl Digging Addiction?


Some vinyl addicts take the vinyl lifestyle to the extreme, but this poor guy is truly suffering.  I truthfully don’t even know what to say about this one.

"I GREW UP IN SCARBOROUGH and I’ve been living in rooming houses
since I was about 20. I don’t invite friends here-it’s a pretty small
place. For money, I buy people’s old record collections and then sell
them on eBay. I’m passionate about vinyl, especially older records,
from the ’60S and ’70S. I have about 1,000 LPs in a storage locker
at College and Spadina, and I use a shopping cart to transport
them. Some of the rooming houses downtown are really dirty and
noisy-people stay up all night partying. They’re also more expensive.
I like this area because it’s quiet. Also, there’s a beer store just
down the street:’

[Via Waxing Deep]

30 thoughts on “Suffering From Vinyl Digging Addiction?”

  1. see, when I read that I’m like “YEAH guy, you keep doing it.” Just from reading that wee article it seems like dude has no responsibilities, probably few friends, and just buys and sells records. And drinks beer. There’s a not-insigificant part of me that wants something like that.

    The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, though.

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